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All Roofs are manufactured using white P.V.C. Canvas "Woven Polyester" under stringent European guide lines and tested in accordance with BS5438 for flame resistance. The roofs are tensioned on both sides to prevent flapping in windy conditions. All roofs overhang the side walls by 1/2 foot on both sides preventing any rain being blown into the marquee.


Our new cassette floor is the latest development in flooring designed solely for marquees. This system interlocks each individual floor section on a metal sub frame base which provides a level and solid floor. The flooring runs flush with the side of the marquee thus leaving no dangerous gaps and helps exclude draughts from the floor edges. Some of the advantages for using a cassette floor are:

  • It is completely level over undulating ground

  • This system ensures a solid floor for our clients to work from, whether setting up tables for function or trade stands, shows e.t.c.

To get a quotation on any of our marquees, simply get in touch with us today. Our team will be more than happy to offer practical advice when it comes to choosing the right one.

*please include your phone number for all inquiries

A.B.S Wallings

All our 15M, 20M, 25M marquees can be fitted with our new A.B.S. walling. The solid wall panels cut down on drafts and noise in the marquee. Giving our clients a more comfortable environment in which to entertain their guests or corporate clientele. A.B.S. walling also provides a more secure structure in comparison with P.V.C. Canvas (Softwall).

Glass Panels

Glass Panels can be fitted in place of any section of A.B.S. Walling, they give an unobstructed viewing area to outside events.


There are 2 different types of doors. You can choose from: Glazed Aluminum Doors with slightly tinted glass or white P.V.C. coated Georgian doors. All doors open outward and are fitted with emergency release bars.

Emergency Doors

Emergency doors are put in, in accordance with health and safety regulations every 200M2.

Safety Details

At Marquees Nationwide quality and safety are of the most important when providing marquees to our customers. Every aspect of the marquees form P.V.C. canvas to the aluminum frame comply with strict European guide lines. All frames comply with wind loading guide lines. P.V.C. covers are flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4/02 B1/BS5438/7837 and the A.B.S. panels (solid walling) comply with BS5438. Interior linings comply with the requirements of BS5867 pt.2 type B.

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